Bristol County Mass DOES Have Asian Tiger Mosquitoes & They Can Transmit Zika Virus

Asian-Tiger-Mosquito-in-MassachusettsThere are mosquito species in Massachusetts that CAN carry the Zika Virus. ABC 6 recently reported that the Aedes Albopictus, commonly known as the Asian Tiger mosquito has been found in Bristol County, including New Bedford, Westport & Fairhaven Massachusetts. While we don’t like to cause more alarm than is necessary, we too often hear people say that it is not possible to get Zika here in Massachusetts. In reality, as long as we have a mosquito (Asian Tiger) that can become infected and transmit the Virus, the risk does exist.

How Will Zika Get From Brazil, Colombia & the Caribbean to Massachusetts?

One of the reasons the Zika Virus has been able to spread rapidly is that infected humans can actually infect mosquitoes. While it seems easy enough to avoid mosquitoes during the first seven days of a Zika infection, as instructed by the CDC, there is one large caveat. Only about 15-20% of people infected by Zika Virus will experience symptoms of illness. Not knowing you’re infected with Zika makes it very difficult to avoid transmitting Zika.

Another added complication is the fact that Zika Virus is sexually transmitted. Not knowing you have it after traveling to one of the affected areas can lead to unknowingly spreading it through sexual activity, increasing the risk of an infected person spreading it to local Asian Tiger mosquitoes. So far, there has been seven travel-related cases of Zika Virus confirmed in Massachusetts.

Zika Awareness & Prevention

The story from ABC6 sites the risk for Zika becoming a locally transmitted mosquito-borne virus is low given that the population of Asian Tiger mosquitoes here is relatively few, they urge the importance of awareness and prevention.

Arthur and Elisabet of Mosquito Squad

Father-daughter duo with Mosquito Squad. Arthur Rodrigues is the owner of Mosquito Squad of Fall River and the South Shore.

At Mosquito Squad of Fall River, we couldn’t agree more. It is vital to follow the 5 T’s of mosquito control to keep your yard from becoming a mosquito breeding ground. Asian Tiger mosquitoes are container breeders that easily reproduce in small amounts of water that can collect in things like spare tires, kids toys and bird baths. Professional mosquito control is an added measure that will not only eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard; it will give you peace of mind and an enjoyable pest-free outdoor lifestyle. Call Today! 508-536-4855

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