Lyme Disease and South Shore MA Tick Control

South Shore ticks come in all sizesSinger Avril Lavigne’s recent admission to struggling with Lyme Disease adds increased awareness to an illness that has ravaged our area and shows no signs of diminishing. According to the CDC, there are an average of 300,000 cases of the disease in the US each year. Lyme Disease is often untreated, in part because symptoms often mimic other common illnesses, like the flu. Early symptoms can range from body aches, fever/chills, and swollen lymph nodes. The classic “bullseye” rash is not present in over 20% of cases so don’t look for the rash as the only confirmation of Lyme Disease. Chronic Lyme Disease does not easily respond to antibiotics and its symptoms are much more debilitating: severe headaches, memory loss, facial paralysis, and swollen enlarged joints such as the knees. Despite the dangers of Lyme Disease, we have every right to enjoy our yards and the great outdoors this season. As we prepare for more and more ticks, here are some useful tips in keeping those tiny predators away.

Mosquito Squad 6 C’s of successful tick control

  1. Clear. Ticks thrive in moist, damp spaces. Keep play equipment and dining areas well away from compost piles or treed areas, where ticks thrive.
  2. Clean. Leaf litter, brush and tall grass are tick hangouts. Ticks love to “quest”, or launch on to their hosts off of tall grass and branches, so keeping things trim and tidy makes your yard less inviting.
  3. Choose. Certain plants are deer delicacies. The only ticks which carry Lyme Disease are deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis) and you do not want to attract deer into your yard.
  4. Check. Ticks are known to hide out in and around fences and walls, including retaining walls.
  5. Care. You can not get Lyme Disease from your family pet, yet your beloved furry friend can contract Lyme Disease from infected ticks and also bring those harmful creatures into your home.
  6. Call. For optimal protection, call in the pros to treat your yard with a seasonal barrier spray to eliminate the vast majority of ticks on your property.

Mosquito Squad of Fall River and the South Shore MA tick control offers the most effective barrier spray treatment in the South Shore Mass area. Our trained, professional applicators treat your entire property, not merely in the perimeter of your house. We also offer advanced and specialized tick tube placements. These work to eliminate both larval and nymph ticks when they are living with their rodent hosts. Did you know that a single, female tick lays several thousand eggs at a time and lives, on average, for two years? Lyme Disease is at epidemic proportions in our area. We can eliminate 85% – 90% of those dangerous ticks from your property.

Arthur and Elisabet of Mosquito Squad

Father-daughter duo with Mosquito Squad. Arthur Rodrigues is the owner of Mosquito Squad of Fall River and the South Shore.

Our first weeks of scheduled spraying and tube placement have already filled up. The month of May will quickly be scheduled as well, so we encourage you to secure your yard this season, by calling the professionals! We welcome your call at 508-536-4855 or email us at or visit our website



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